Marmaris Honey House

Pine honey production stands out as the most important commercial activity after tourism. It was registered as a geographically indicated product in 2019 with the application of Marmaris Chamber of Commerce. Marmaris Pine Honey, which is known to be produced intensively in the region since the 1500s, is produced by more than 600 registered beekeepers, with 145,000 hives, around 3000 tons per year. Located in Osmaniye Village of Marmaris, the Honey House and Beekeeping Museum welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Trainings for local beekeepers continue throughout the year at the Honey House. In Osmaniye Village, apitours are organized in apiaries. At the same time, treatments are applied with hive air and hive scent in apitherapy rooms in Marmaris Honey House.

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