Nimara Cave

Nimara Cave, located on Cennet Island, dates the history of Marmaris 12 thousand years ago. The cave, which is suitable for excursions, is within the borders of the National Park and is home to an endemic and rare species, the Tiger Butterfly.

There are stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. The finds found prove that the cave was a place of worship. Rescue excavation was carried out in Nimara Cave in 2007 with the contributions of Marmaris Municipality and under the presidency of Marmaris Museum Directorate and it was opened to visitors in 2008. Nimara Cave is in the southwest of the ancient settlement (Nimara Ancient City) that located on the highest point of the Cennet Island. The cave is on the northwest slope of the island at a topographic elevation of 350 m. Remains of the buildings of the ancient city as located at the highest point of Cennet Island, overlooking to the open sea, Marmaris Bay and the straits on both sides of the island, prove that there is a strategically important settlement here.

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