On your way to Söğüt Village, you will come across villagers, who are collecting thyme from the mountains, who cook village bread in their homes, and who are returning from fishing. The seaside fish restaurants in Söğüt Village, where boutique hotels, pensions and camping areas are located, are recommended by many travel guides and gourmets. Stuffed courgette blossoms, spicy fish, octopus, calamari and appetizers made with purple aubergine shall leave an unforgettable Marmaris gusto on your palate. Moreover, Söğüt Village is one of the indispensable stops of the blue voyage routes such as Üçtaş and Çomçalık Bays. In Taşlıca, where the ancient settlements of Phoenix Ancient City and Karamaka Village are found, goat cheese, which is still produced with traditional methods, is a local product that attracts the attention of world-famous gourmets. In addition, Taşlıca Village, which has an important production capacity in terms of goat milk and donkey milk, is a village, where the most preferred chefs are raised. Before you come to Phoenix, you will see the forty wells and the donkeys around it. At the entrance of Taşlıca Village, a century-old water mill will welcome you. The view from the mill is magnificent.

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