Suçıktı Cave and Somalıkaya Sinkhole in Karacasöğüt are indispensable routes for nature sports and adventure enthusiasts. On the way from Karacasöğüt to Okluk Bay, after 2-3 km, you need to turn right. Since there is no sign, it is necessary to ask the villagers. The waterfall pours from 25 m. It has a natural pool underneath.

One of the main entrance points of the Somalıkaya Sinkhole of the two-part cave, named Somalıkaya Sinkhole and Suçıktı Cave, is here. You must have an inflatable boat with you on the descent into the cave. It is possible to advance through the galleries only by boat. With a length of 421 meters and a depth of 15.5 meters, the 342-meter section of the cave is active and contains 2 lakes. Only 1 km long part of Suçıktı Cave, located 1 km west of Somalıkaya Sinkhole, was discovered by cavers. The area where the cave and waterfall are located has been declared as a protected area.

the remains of the ancient cities of Euthena and Amnistos are also located near Karacasöğüt. Yeşilbelde, Çetibeli and Çamlı are the agricultural production centers of Marmaris. Products such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, laurel are the most produced products. For a long time, Marmaris Boncuk Bay has been known as a bay visited by sandbar sharks. Since 2001, experts have started to visit the bay on behalf of ICRAM (Italy’s Central Marine Research Institute). According to the results of the studies of these experts, it is understood that sandbar sharks use the Boncuk Bay as a breeding ground. These fish, which are not aggressive towards humans, are much more shy and timidly, especially during breeding periods. Due to the serenity and tranquillity it offers, Boncuk Bay has recently hosted yoga and meditation camps.

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